Tasting* of our tipical Muletta and cooked salami, beef tongue with green souce, Piedmontese “Friciulin” fritters with herbs, Agliata souce (special garlic mixture) and our special Friendship Loaf Monferrato Bread paired with two goblets of our wine (Barbera and sweet Ciauarin wine) and our traditional Krumiri cookies with three glasses of our wine.

*Vegetarian and vegan menu as well as for celiac people on demand. Free for children under the age of four. For young teenagers under the age of fourteen a ten euro menu (€ 10) is offered, including local delicacies and a non-alcoholic drink to be chosen among the ones available.

Arrival time: 7.00pm - 8.00pm (closing at 9.30pm)


30.00 €

incl. VAT

per person