Who We Are

“A grandfather, a father and a son. Three generations who make a dream come true”

An ongoing
Since 1898

Started by grandfather “Vasin” in 1898 and carried on by father Pietro, the winery is now managed by Marco and his wife Angela. They work in the utmost respect of the traditions with a special focus on sustainability and on the modern winemaking techniques, fundamental to grant its excellence.
An ongoing story, from one generation to the next, thanks to the contribution of their sons Pietro and Matteo.

“Owning a land without depleting it is the most beautiful form of art anyone may wish for”


The winery


“The soil gives life to the vine and man exalts its fruit”

Since 1898 we have been carefully overseeing our wines in each and every step of their production process. Starting from the twenty-four hectares of vineyards surrounding us, moving on to our agricultural tools, the aging and the refinement, the bottling, the stocking and selling of our wines, up to the tasting with a view -and our heart- on our vineyards.

A token of authenticity that maybe makes us less “formal” or “businesslike” if compared to other prestigious wineries over the territory. But we are definitely proud to produce wines whose quality mirrors the uniqueness and beauty of our UNESCO world heritage territories.







Our Manifesto


The SQNPI by Integrated Crop Management (Integrated Crop Management National Quality System) requiring us to comply with specific technical and phytosanitary rules in order to reduce our environmental impact is not enough for us. We work to respect the resources of the environment we ourselves are part of and to possibly hand over an even better legacy to the following generations.

Therefore, more than in labels, we believe in:
A minimum use of treatments, only when actually needed.
In wine making exclusively from healthy grapes, to reduce sulphites.
In a smart use of technology in the cellar with the unique aim of providing healthy and pleasantly tasting wines.
In the bond between vine and territory.
In the acknowledgement of grape typicality within its wine.
In wine as a historical and cultural legacy.



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